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Can My Sedentary Elderly Loved One Do Exercises?

Home Based Community Care Abington PA: Can My Sedentary Elderly Loved One Do Exercises?

When aging adults are dealing with lots of different health issue, it’s easy for them to grow sedentary. With an inactive lifestyle, they can become quite weak and have poor balance and flexibility. Health experts agree that even aging adults with physical challenges can benefit from some level of exercise. Family caregivers should take the time to create an exercise regimen for their aging loved one, so they can be as healthy and fit as they can.

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Does Smoking Make Melanoma Worse?

Home Care Bensalem PA: Does Smoking Make Melanoma Worse?

Melanoma is a form of skin cancer that occurs in the cells, called melanocytes, that make melanin. Melanin is what gives skin its color. When a person develops melanoma skin cancer, the melanocytes grow out of control and don’t die off when they should.

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What Might Cause Cardiac Arrest?

CHC Provider Abington PA: What Might Cause Cardiac Arrest?

Each year throughout the United States more than 350,000 cardiac arrests occur outside of a hospital setting. Many of these occur very suddenly and without warning signs, and a large percentage proved fatal.

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Is a Cell Phone Right For Your Aging Parents?

Homecare Ardmore PA: Is a Cell Phone Right For Your Aging Parents?

Some seniors enjoy having cell phones, but others struggle with them. You would like to make sure your parents have a cell phone to carry when they go for a walk. You’re not sure they’d actually use it. Here are a few of the things to consider when you’re weighing if a cell phone is right.

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Is There Really a Shortage of Caregivers?

Caregivers Levittown PA: Is There a Shortage of Caregivers?

In recent months, many media stories have presented stories about a lack of caregivers in the U.S. For families with aging parents, the thought of having a shortage of caregivers is worrisome. Is there really a shortage? The answer isn’t quite as simple as yes or no.

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