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Caregiver Stress

Five Tips for Coping When You’re Disappointed in Yourself

Elder Care in Levittown PA: Five Tips for Coping When You're Disappointed in Yourself

Disappointment is a feeling that no one wants to experience, especially if they’re a caregiver. If you’re feeling these types of feelings more often, try some of these ideas to work through them. You Might Be Your Own Worst Critic. You’re tackling a tough job in being a family member’s caregiver. It’s entirely possible that…

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Who Should Be in Your Caregiver Support Network?

Senior Care in Coatesville PA: Who Should Be in Your Support Network?

You might have heard about forming your very own personal support network, but who should be a part of that group? It can vary, depending on your needs and your senior’s needs, but this list can get you started. Your Senior’s Medical Team. Your senior’s medical team can help you to learn as much as…

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What Can You Do if Worrying Seems Like All You Do?

Elderly Care in Newtown Square PA: Ways to Stop Worrying

At some point in your caregiving journey, you might start to feel as if worrying is about all that you do. It’s easy to get wrapped up in what might happen or what you might be able to prevent. But worrying isn’t productive and it saps energy you need for other tasks. Take a Step…

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What Can You Do When Caregiving Isn’t Going So Well?

Home Care in Coatesville PA: When Caregiving Isn't Going Well

Believe it or not, every day as a caregiver is not going to go the way that you would ideally like for it to go. And if you’re experiencing weeks like that, caregiving is likely feeling painful for you. Look at Your Goals in Caregiving. Sometimes the reason that caregiving seems as if it isn’t…

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Causes of Emotional Overeating in Family Caregivers

Senior Care in Bensalem PA: Causes of Emotional Overeating

More than 65 million Americans act as part-time or full-time family caregivers. As more elderly adults need help with personal care due to physical and mental limitations, more demands are placed on family caregivers to cope with the responsibilities. The stress of caregiving can lead to numerous physical and mental health issues if it is…

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What is Your Backup Plan if You Can’t Care for Mom?

Senior Care in Radnor PA: Have a Backup Plan

Your mom needs help around the house. You’ve been helping her out and that’s working fine, but what happens if something changes? Do you have a backup plan? You should. Life Doesn’t Come With Warnings. Imagine a scenario like this. Your family’s care plan is going great. Your younger sister was already staying home with…

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