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Health Issues

What Causes Back Spasms?

Senior Care in Levittown PA: What Causes Back Spasms?

If you’ve ever experienced a muscle spasm in your back, you know how excruciating they can be. Now, imagine having that pain as an older adult who is already frail or has a condition that causes chronic pain. Understanding what causes back spasms may help your aging relative to avoid them. But, just in case…

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What is the True Risk of Stroke for Your Elderly Parent?

Elder Care in Bensalem PA: Stroke Risk Factors

As a family caregiver, awareness is one of the most important tools you can have. Being aware of the risks your senior is facing allows you to take the proper steps to help reduce these risks, and to prepare yourself to give your senior the care they need should these risks develop into serious medical…

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Dangers of Stress in Elderly Adults

Caregiver in Quakertown PA: Dangers of Stress

April is Stress Awareness Month, which makes it a perfect time for family caregivers to evaluate their elderly loved one’s stress levels and see what they can do to alleviate it. Many family members don’t realize the dangers of stress in elderly adults and may not recognize the symptoms. Over time, stress can have serious…

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What are the Symptoms of a Heart Attack?

Elder Care in Philadelphia PA: Symptoms of a Heart Attack

Immediate and efficient response in the event of a cardiovascular health emergency is critical to giving your senior the best chance of survival and recovery. When the heart is facing a crisis, negative effects happen quickly. Tissues begin to die as the body is not getting the oxygen and nutrients that it needs, and consequences…

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Why Your Parent’s Doctor Might Not Diagnose the Flu

Senior Care in West Chester PA: Flu and the Elderly

Flu is a serious illness for older adults. In fact, between 71 and 85 percent of flu-related deaths occur in seniors aged 65 and older. Although there is a test for diagnosing the flu, doctors often don’t use it because they can diagnose based on the symptoms. However, a new study indicates that the flu…

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Is Your Elderly Parent at Increased Risk of Diabetes?

Home Care in West Chester PA: Diabetes Risk Factors

If you are like many family caregivers, diabetes is a condition that you have thought about when considering the issues that your senior might face as they age in place. Diabetes is a very common disease, with more than 30 million people throughout the United States living with it. It being common, however, does not…

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Is There a Link Between Falls and Osteoporosis?

Home Care in Ardmore PA: Osteoporosis and Falls

Osteoporosis is a fairly common health issue, with approximately 75 million people suffering the condition throughout Europe, Japan, and the United States alone. No matter how common it is, however, it is important for you as a family caregiver to recognize the tremendous impact that this condition can make on your senior’s health, well-being, and…

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